Here at Benny’s Moving and Storage we take special pride in our long distance, interstate moves.  We service all of New England with convenient, daily trips from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. We also make daily pick ups and deliveries in New York City, and have been handling moving from Boston to New York City (and back!), throughout our 22 years in business.   We are pleased to offer same day pick up and delivery of your items and can guarantee a flat rate price based on the inventory list you provide us. If all of the items on your inventory list match what we transport for you, we guarantee the estimated cost of your move! We also offer next day delivery, as well as storage for customers who need time to plan or arrange their move. With every long distance move, we offer 30 days of free storage. We understand that closing on a property can be a delicate and sometimes lengthy process, which is why we are pleased to offer you our storage facility to hold your items until you are ready to receive them.

Packing and Moving

moving from Boston to New York City

As we are fully licensed and insured, you can be sure that when moving with us all of your possessions will be taken care of. Upon pick up, all items are wrapped and labeled with numbered stickers that we use to keep track of every individual piece. These numbers are then checked against the inventory list upon delivery so that you can be immediately sure each and every item has arrived.  Our team of expert Interstate movers will work hard to ensure your move goes smoothly, and will work to tailor our schedule to your needs.


Professional Piano Movers


Our professional piano movers have years of experience moving all types of pianos, from spinets to uprights to baby grand, and we understand that special attention and skill is required when it comes to transporting your instrument. We have moved Yamahas, Steinways, Baldwins, Kawai and Mason & Hamlin pianos over the years and have gained valuable experience moving instruments all over Boston and the country. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can trust us to move your piano across the street or across the country.

Piano Movers

Boston piano movers, Benny’s moving Professional Piano Mover


Whether you are moving it as a part of your relocation to a new home or moving your piano individually, our professional crew specializes in piano moves, and knows just how to disassemble, wrap and protect every part of your instrument. Benny’s Moving and Storage is happy to facilitate your purchase of a new or used piano and can schedule your move for any time you need. Since moving a piano is a sensitive and specialized undertaking, we make a point of only sending our most experienced foremen, who has 15 years of firsthand experience, to oversee your move.


Benny’s Moving and Storage has serviced the Boston area for 22 years, and one of the many services we are pleased to offer is professional piano moving. Your instrument is a work of art as well as an investment, and here at Benny’s we treat it as such. Expert care and attention is paid to delivering your instrument in perfect condition, Choose one of the best moving companies in Boston for your next Piano moving.

Benny’s Moving and Storage we are a company that strives to be socially responsible and beneficial to the community

Here at Benny’s Moving and Storage we are a company that strives to be socially responsible and beneficial to the community that has given us a place in their businesses and their homes. Benny’s has a long history of lending support to many worthy causes, and has sponsored the Walk For Hunger, organized by Boston’s own Project Bread, since 2009. For the last ten years we have partnered with Feed the Children in an effort to end childhood hunger, as well as supporting Disabled American Veterans in order to help our returning heroes. When you hire Benny’s you’re not only hiring a Boston moving company of exceptional quality and professionalism, but you’re also directly benefitting those around you


Benny’s Moving and Storage offers local moving services, including residential, commercial, and industrial to the entire New England area, as well as New York and New Jersey, able to provide pick ups for moves within these states on a daily basis. There is no move too big or too small for our attention. Whether you need to move a studio apartment, a five bedroom home, or even your company’s headquarters, we will give you the same standard of expertise and care our customers have been enjoying for 22 years. We are certified with the American Moving and Storage Association and our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau has earned us an A+ rating. We have also been members of the Massachusetts Movers Association since 1992 and are honored to uphold the standards of institutions working to protect the interests of our customers.

Interstate movers, office movers, Benny's moving gives Walk for Hunger Boston

We have many years experience as office industrial movers, and relocated both the AFLAC Maine New England regional office, as well as the management for Arsenal Mall, just down the road from our own offices. Benny’s is a perfect choice for large commercial office moves or for employee relocations.


As interstate and long distance movers we make weekly trips to Florida and the West Coast, and include materials such as packing tape, blankets, and mattress covers in the cost of your move for your convenience. We will never outsource the delivery of your items to another company. When you trust us with your possessions we make sure it is our movers who will arrive in uniform to package, wrap, and care for them from pick up until the day of delivery. Benny’s has its own fleet of trucks that will carry you across country to your new home, and we are proud to offer a flat rate guarantee for the cost of your long distance move based on the inventory list you provide for us. This way we can insure there are no surprises and that our estimates are as accurate as possible so that you can have one less thing to worry about.

When you choose Benny’s you can be sure you are choosing a company that is working both for you and for your community. We take great pride in our record of excellence and hope to add your successful move to that history.

Why should customers choose a company like Benny’s Moving and Storage?

Why should customers choose a company like Benny’s Moving and Storage?

Because we have an excellent reputation for reliability and superior customer service and we will guide you through the entire process of your move.

With over 22 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Benny’s Moving and Storage has established itself as one of the best moving companies in New England. In addition, we are Certified as pro movers by AMSA (The American Moving and Storage Association) a distinction that is earned through consistent hard work. We are an established member of the local business community. We provide reasonable estimates based upon the inventory list that you provide.

We’ve all read the stories in the news about disreputable moving companies that offer low prices when you call. You book the job, and of the day of your move when you’re ready to go and your furniture is on the truck, you are hit with all sorts of additional charges and inflated prices. We do not offer lowball prices in order to get your business, and hen hijack the price on the day of your move. We are an established local and long distance moving company, we run our own trailers across the country and up and down the eastern seaboard. We do not engage in disreputable business practices.
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Benny’s Moving and Storage specializes in interstate long distance moving and has done so for over 20 years. We have developed and trained our office people to assist you from beginning to end with your long distance move. We have a team of professional customer service representatives who can walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

How does it work? A sales person will speak with you over the phone and enter your list of items, furniture, boxes etc. into our on-line system to calculate the price of your move based on your inventory list. When the movers arrive on the scheduled date, they will load everything that is contained on the list. If there are no extra items there are no extra charges. It’s that simple. We have done business this way for 22 years and customers love it. We provide you with a guaranteed flat rate estimate which includes the cost of all moving supplies so there are no surprises. In addition, our professional movers will use moving blankets to wrap your furniture and protect your belongings from any damages. We have mattress covers to protect your mattress and box spring and pictures boxes for your art and paintings, China boxes for your glassware and dishes, wardrobe boxes for your clothing and many more options to satisfy all of your packing needs.

And, if you prefer to schedule an in-home visit, we can send an estimator to your location for moves that are 2 bedrooms or larger.

Moving from the East to the West Coast?

Benny’s Moving and Storage has its own fleet of trucks that run back and forth between the east and west coast. Moving from Boston Massachusetts to California will take approximately 7-14 Business days. Whether you are moving from Arizona, Las Vegas, or anywhere on the west coast, and moving back to the east coast, Midwest or any point in between, call Benny’s Moving and Storage for your free moving estimate.

Moving from New England to anywhere in the USA?

Call Benny’s Moving and Storage. We have trucks in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other states on a daily basis. We offer solutions for any and all of your long distance moving needs including short or long term storage.

When you’re ready to start planning your move call Benny’s Moving and Storage.


It’s that time when the snowbirds leave New England and head for the sunny warmth of Florida

It’s that time when the snowbirds leave New England and head for the sunny warmth of Florida and the gulf coast. Many decide to make the trip in November and start the season off early with a Miami thanksgiving. Most stay in New England for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and head south immediately after they ring in the new year, Moving from Massachusetts to Florida? Call benny’s Moving.

Regardless of when they leave, experienced snowbirds choose Benny’s Moving and Storage A professional Boston mover.
interstate movers, Movers in Boston
With over 20 years experience, Benny’s Moving and Storage, regularly accommodates a wide variety of snowbird needs. Whether it’s a few pieces of furniture for the condo, or 100 boxes, Benny’s Moving and Storage is your Florida specialist.

We run our own weekly trailers up and down the eastern seaboard and can pick up and deliver your items anywhere along the way and on
your schedule. Driving the scenic route this year? No problem! We can pick up and temporarily store your items until you are ready for delivery.

We offer professional moving services at a very affordable price. You may be surprised by our reasonable rates, so call today and make your seasonal move to Florida hassle free, we specialize in Interstate Moving from State to State and we have fleet of trucks that travel back and forth from the east coast to the west coast and from the east coast to Florida.

Boston is a great city especially when you’re in college.

Boston is a great city especially when you’re in college. With approximately 80 schools in the greater Boston area you can imagine the number of students that pour into the metropolitan area in September. If you’re going to be one of them I recommend calling a professional mover NOW.
Benny's Boston express office located at One Boston Place Downtown Suite 2600
I’ve done it both ways and believe me I would never move on my own again. First of all you don’t have to deal with the traffic and the parking. When I called Benny’s moving and storage (found them in the Harvard Crimson) and said I was moving from New York to Boston they gave me a list of things to do to make the whole thing easy. Everything from tips on how to reserve a parking
space for their truck to what time would be best for me and my family to drive into the city. Also due to a scheduling conflict they were actually able to store some of my things for about two weeks after I moved (but that’s another story). The person I spoke to on the phone was professional took a list of my
furniture and number of boxes I had and gave me an estimate on the phone.

And just so you know, the estimate was right on the money, actually came in at $25 less than I was told. (I added that to the tip so everybody was happy!) They showed up on time, wrapped up all my furniture in blankets, loaded my boxes and were on the way to Boston. They delivered my stuff when they said they would and even called me in advance to let me know they were running on time. It was one of the best experiences I had getting my stuff moved and I would definitely use them again so if you are looking to relocate and you are looking for long distance moving companies call Benny’s moving an advanced moving company.

Benny’s moving and storage Inc, Boston’s premiere moving company, announces its newest location in New Hampshire

Benny’s moving and storage Inc, Boston’s premiere moving company, announces its newest office location for movers in New Hampshire

Benny’s moving and storage opened its New Hampshire Office located at: 1 Tara Boulevard, Suite 200 Nashua, NH 03062 1-603-324-7145 about six months ago. Our fleet of trucks travels between New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and on a daily basis. We have 22 years of experience as a professional moving company with a full range of services including local and long distance moving, full packing services, and commercial office relocation. Our Nashua NH location has been a tremendous success and exceeded our expectation. We are very happy to assist new customers that move from MA to NH or customers that relocate from New Hampshire to other parts of the USA.

Local Moving, considered as within the state of Massachusetts, and can be done with little or short notice or at they last minute.

moving company in New Hampshire
Long Distance moving services from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, to West Coast or any other parts of the continental USA can be executed with short notice. Our professional long Distance Movers will load and pack each item, (including wrapping all your furniture with moving pads) and inventory each item for you protection and safe arrival to your destination.

Office/Commercial Moving services have been performed by Benny’s moving for over 20 years. We handle everything from small dental offices to large corporations with hundreds of employees. Our customers have included the Aflac New England regional office and Watertown Public elementary schools in addition to many other large entities.

New Hampshire Office

1 Tara Boulevard, Suite 200

Nashua, NH 03062

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Choosing the Right Movers and Packers in Rhode Island

Choosing the Right Movers and Packers in Rhode Island

Shifting gives you a headache as it is very hectic, chaotic and annoying process. The works associated to it makes you stressful. Packing your household goods, arranging the vehicles for transportation of goods to the new destination, loading/unloading and unpacking/rearranging the goods: all these keep you on your heels. You can make those look simpler and easier by just hiring the movers who can give a hassle free relocation or shifting. The movers give you the professional service with a proficient crew to handle all your shifting activities and make this tedious task as a fun chore for you.

Many moving companies in Rhode Island are operating these days, who offers hassle free transferring or relocating services. But choosing the right one which will be reliable and can provide you an estimate that is backed by a price guarantee and free quote for your local Rhode Island relocation is most preferred.

Below find enlisted some guidelines to help you in choosing or finding the right moving agency:

• List down all the moving companies: You can list down all the moving agencies by asking your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors or you can browse through the internet.

• Collect the information on estimates: Once the listing is done, collect the estimates from those listed companies. You can ask one of their representatives to visit and give you the estimates of the goods to be transported.
Movers Rhode Island

• Thoroughly compare the estimates: Take your time after collecting the estimates, to do cost planning by comparing the estimates with different moving agencies and the research work to get the best deal in hiring a mover in Rhode Island . But it is highly advised settling down to a cheaper price for a minimal quality is not worth.

• Discuss thoroughly with the moving agencies: Discuss about the discounts, any hidden costs and surplus charges. Seek out for their storage and warehouse facilities, insurance schemes, their authorized license and registration. Any good moving company will feel glad to tell you about all those.

By adopting the above guidelines you can get a reliable moving agency in Rhode Island. Once you select the right movers and packers, your work is almost done.

Click on this link to check out one of the favorites and reputed moving agency in Rhode Island.

Benny’s Moving and Storage announces it’s new FLAT RATE moving service.

Benny’s Moving and Storage announces it’s new FLAT RATE moving service.

Now you can get a guaranteed flat rate quote for your move which includes the cost of all moving supplies and materials. The price is guaranteed based upon the list of items that you provide when you call to book your move.

Moving Companies Boston

Benny’s Trucks

Benny’s Moving and Storage offers free in home (or office) estimates to help you create your moving inventory list and provide you with the all inclusive flat rate moving price.

All items are wrapped and numbered, and recorded on your inventory list to ensure the safe arrival of all of your valuables.

Benny’s Moving and Storage has been in business for 22 years and is fully licensed and insured, registered with the DOT, and licensed through the ICC for Interstate moving. Benny’s Moving and Storage employs a team of professional movers that can pick up your belongings on short notice from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, or New

Check out the new flat rate program at Benny’s Moving and Storage. We guarantee the price and your satisfaction!

Make a Hassle-Free Corporate Relocation with a Professional Moving Company

Make a Hassle-Free Corporate Relocation with a Professional Moving Company

For prosperity and growth many business owners opt for relocation. But the factor of disorganization at the time of relocation gives them a panic attack. To organize all the mess properly at the work environment the company should hire a corporate relocation expert. This enables a company owner to save lot of time and money with having a smoother relocation.

The corporate relocation service team will plan the budget and give you a detailed documentation of relocation planning, infrastructure required, equipment needed, shipment of old office devices and gadgets, quotation of the entire process.

Corporate relocastion from the Best moving company in Boston
These service providers have highly trained staff members who analyses the company’s profile and its requirement for the new environment. The relocation specialist plan ahead of time to give you organized way of relocation by getting you a perfect location and set up lease negotiations required. These people will handle the designing of the interior and the location of comfort rooms. The relocation service provider will develop and execute the office relocation. These people will make sure safety and security factors of your office relocation. They will monitor the pickup of all office supplies and ensure you about the proper delivery of your appliances to be arrived at your scheduled location.

Corporate relocation service provider gives you a less disruptive and a hassle free process of relocation. Their experience in this field will help your company to relocate fast, set it up quick and make it running in an organized way. These providers are great deal of service to your company’s comfort. You can just sit and relax because all your burden of relocation is bored by a moving company-Corporate Relocation services. They will satisfy your needs and demand.

In Boston area Benny’s Moving & Storage Company serves the relocation needs of its clients. They have two decades of maximum experience in this field with a satisfied list of large clientele. You can get an online free estimation by visiting the website