Benny’s Moving & Storage is celebrating its 21-year anniversary this summer.

Benny’s Moving & Storage is celebrating its 21-year anniversary this summer.

Benny Moving & Storage, a top rated moving company in Boston , located in Massachusetts, has seen an increase in the number of businesses and families that have relocated in the past few years. Since 1992, Benny’s has prided itself on delivering top notch customer service.

Whether moving locally or out of State Benny’s long distances movers Boston can do pick up and delivery fast and professional, Benny’s moving company is capable of moving large and small items in a timely fashion. Benny’s Moving & Storage offers free estimates, two insurance policies, affordable packing materials, and plans ahead for every move.

Bennys Team of long distances moving company

If one needs their items to be disposed, such as tables and refrigerators, Benny’s One of the best Boston movers can do this for a small fee. In some cases Benny’s will offer flat fees Junk removal in Boston. If a piano needs to be moved, Benny’s Moving & Storage can offer a flat fee so regardless of how many hours the operation takes, the customer will be assured of the costs before the job even begins.

Benny’s Moving & Storage has a stellar reputation for caring for the community. Benny’s recycles and reuses boxes. It is also a major sponsor of the Walk for Hunger every year.

 Junk removal in Boston

Junk removal in Boston

The Better Business Bureau continues to recognize Benny’s as a top rated Boston Best moving company and has awarded Benny’s with an A+ rating, Voted as One of the best Moving Companies in Massachusetts and One of the most reliable movers in MA

Mark, who used Benny’s Moving & Storage for his trip from Swampscott to Watertown, said: “The service was great! The movers were polite, on-time and worked hard. They took extra care with our belongings. Moving is stressful enough and it was nice being put at ease by such professional movers.” Benny’s ensures the customer receives a smooth and efficient move.

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