Boston is a great city especially when you’re in college.

Boston is a great city especially when you’re in college. With approximately 80 schools in the greater Boston area you can imagine the number of students that pour into the metropolitan area in September. If you’re going to be one of them I recommend calling a professional mover NOW.
Benny's Boston express office located at One Boston Place Downtown Suite 2600
I’ve done it both ways and believe me I would never move on my own again. First of all you don’t have to deal with the traffic and the parking. When I called Benny’s moving and storage (found them in the Harvard Crimson) and said I was moving from New York to Boston they gave me a list of things to do to make the whole thing easy. Everything from tips on how to reserve a parking
space for their truck to what time would be best for me and my family to drive into the city. Also due to a scheduling conflict they were actually able to store some of my things for about two weeks after I moved (but that’s another story). The person I spoke to on the phone was professional took a list of my
furniture and number of boxes I had and gave me an estimate on the phone.

And just so you know, the estimate was right on the money, actually came in at $25 less than I was told. (I added that to the tip so everybody was happy!) They showed up on time, wrapped up all my furniture in blankets, loaded my boxes and were on the way to Boston. They delivered my stuff when they said they would and even called me in advance to let me know they were running on time. It was one of the best experiences I had getting my stuff moved and I would definitely use them again so if you are looking to relocate and you are looking for long distance moving companies call Benny’s moving an advanced moving company.

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