Do my moving expenses qualify me for a tax deduction?


Moving from Boston to San Francisco or one place to another in State or out of State is bound to put a sizable dent in your pocket. However, if you have a job that requires you to move from One place to another, then you can cut down on your expenses when relocating from tax deductions from your move.

There are few conditions that have to be met but a tax deduction when moving will help you relocate without having to splash the cash. Here are a list of the conditions that have to be met in order to qualify for a tax deduction when relocating:

1. You experienced relocation expenses in the duration of at least one year since you started your job.

2. The place where you work at now is more than 50 miles away from your home than the place at which you worked at previously.

3. You must be employed full time by your employer and work nearby your current job location for at least 39 weeks during the year after you have relocated. If you work for yourself, you should work for 78 weeks during the first two years after you relocate to a new location.

You can still qualify for tax deductions even after you fail to meet the requirements of your work in the duration of time you are required to meet, if you are expected to fulfill the conditions in the following tax year.

If you don’t qualify for tax deductions after relocation and yet you still claim the tax deduction, you be required to report the entire amount as your income when the tax for the next year comes, or you can make changes to your previous tax returns.

In the event that you are required to relocate to a different country or if you are employed as a member of the armed forces, then you should speak to a qualified tax advisor regarding any exceptions for tax deductions that may influence you.

You can deduct any expenses for relocating all household goods and personal items to the new house, since the tax deduction will only be applied to expenses that have affected you and you have not been compensated for them. These costs may include:

  • All transportation costs of goods.
  • The crating, packing and unpacking of goods.
  • The transit storage phase and the valuation coverage of goods.
  • Piano Moving
  • Boat Moving
  • Car Transport


TIPS to make moving quick and easy. 

Moving a home or office is a big job.  Many things need to be considered and planned before the physical move even takes place.

Follow these simple tips for a hassle free move

1. As soon as you know you have to move, start the planning process. Make a comprehensive list of all items that you want to take.  If you have time, start to dispose of items, clothing, equipment or furniture that will not be taken to new location.

2.  If you’re doing some of your own packing make sure you list what’s in each box.  Also, mark boxes by room; kitchen bedroom, office etc.

3.  For residential moves, pack a small bag of personal and/or essential  items that you will need during transition to your new home.

4.  Make sure all furniture is wrapped and protected for the trip.

5.  Remember to have new location cleaned and ready for your arrival.

6.  Contact all utilities and post office.


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