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Many individuals and businesses will be moving to Boston in the weeks and months ahead.  Benny’s Moving & Storage has been in business since 1992 and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Located in Watertown  MA and serving individuals and businesses throughout the country, Benny’s Moving & Storage is One of the best movers in Boston, reliable and efficient.

Moving to Boston

Moving to Boston

It offers free estimates and affordable packing materials, Individuals and businesses moving to Boston can rely on Benny’s because of its reputation. It offers junk removal services. If you have an old couch or fridge and don’t want it brought with you, Benny’s Moving & Storage have Boston Junk removal services and will remove it for you.


Benny’s Moving & Storage is a top rated Boston moving company because customer service is a top priority.  Benny’s Moving & Storage relies on repeat customers. Benny’s Moving & Storage can handle long distance moves and short distance moves.  Benny’s crews can pack and move items in one day throughout New England, New York, Delaware, moving from Boston to Washington D.C., and Virginia.

Whether you are moving to Boston from out of state or relocating from Boston to anywhere in the state or the country, Benny’s will move you or your business. As the number one rated moving company in Boston, Benny’s is serious about making your move stress free.

Benny’s Moving & Storage One of the best Boston Moving companies is going to assist individuals and businesses to move in the weeks and months ahead. Its packing materials, like free blankets to wrap your furniture, boxes that cost $5-$7, and mattress covers that cost $8, are affordable. Benny’s crews arrive on time, plan ahead, offer free estimates, and act professionally and efficiently.

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