Professional Piano Movers


Our professional piano movers have years of experience moving all types of pianos, from spinets to uprights to baby grand, and we understand that special attention and skill is required when it comes to transporting your instrument. We have moved Yamahas, Steinways, Baldwins, Kawai and Mason & Hamlin pianos over the years and have gained valuable experience moving instruments all over Boston and the country. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can trust us to move your piano across the street or across the country.

Piano Movers

Boston piano movers, Benny’s moving Professional Piano Mover


Whether you are moving it as a part of your relocation to a new home or moving your piano individually, our professional crew specializes in piano moves, and knows just how to disassemble, wrap and protect every part of your instrument. Benny’s Moving and Storage is happy to facilitate your purchase of a new or used piano and can schedule your move for any time you need. Since moving a piano is a sensitive and specialized undertaking, we make a point of only sending our most experienced foremen, who has 15 years of firsthand experience, to oversee your move.


Benny’s Moving and Storage has serviced the Boston area for 22 years, and one of the many services we are pleased to offer is professional piano moving. Your instrument is a work of art as well as an investment, and here at Benny’s we treat it as such. Expert care and attention is paid to delivering your instrument in perfect condition, Choose one of the best moving companies in Boston for your next Piano moving.

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