Checklist Before Moving

Want to relocate? Do you have a definite plan for that? Here’s a small checklist that you may consider:

12 weeks before moving

  • Choose your mover and sign the acceptance note
  • Ensure you have reserved a proper space near your apartment
  • Make a list of prohibited items
  • Decide on what you want to take and what you don’t

10 weeks before moving

  • Dispose unwanted materials
  • Notify your new address to your relatives, office, etc.
  • Notify banks, credit card companies and other official partners
  • Check the electrical goods if they can be applied to your new home

6 weeks before moving

  • Ensure you have everything in place
  • Consult your mover on how you plan to relocate
  • Check tax refunds
  • Complete pending work

4 weeks before moving

  • Disassemble furniture and other household goods you want to pack
  • Arrange clothes you want to take with you in order
  • Donate or dispose old clothes
  • Consult with your mover and plan necessary arrangements for your new home

The final week

  • Plan simple meals so that  you don’t have to use cooking appliances
  • Start defrosting your refrigerator
  • Take a final call on the items you want to pack
  • Ask your neighbor or arrange someone to look after your children or pets on the moving day
  • Check medicines
  • Ensure that you have kept all your valuable items in a separate place

Moving Day

Always keep a check when the packing process is on. Movers like us, of course, make the process stress and hassle-free.